Wednesday, December 1, 2010

OuUnPo annual report

dear OuUnPo members,

as you must remember, back in the Rome meeting, was the idea to commit a report of the OuUnPo activities. I propose to coordinate this publication. My role being solely to gather your proposals and to help make it happen. Alessandra will give her devoted time to follow the project and we'll try our best to find financial support.
The report will be a very simple publication in black & white and in A4 format (for obvious costs reasons) . Every contribution is up to your own will and there will be no graphic intervention. Meaning, your pages are yours and will be reproduced as is (except if you need/want a specific layout). Just keep in mind that it has to be connected with our meetings. So, any work that is relevant regarding previous OuUnPo topic, any documentation or photo souvenirs, etc., is welcome. It is still not clear how to organize the content. Shall it be sorted by "constraints" or by meetings (Rome / Skopje / Paris / Nijmigen) or portfolios by each participants, is something we may discuss in Nijmigen. Then, I think it may be a good idea that each "organiser" (Yane-Skopje-London, Raimundas-Paris, 1to1-Rome, Stephen-Nijmigen) should submit a formal text presenting each meeting and its calendar, and also a short bio of the lecturers. The number of pages is not defined and will depend on the volume of submitted documents. Who wants to participate does, who doesn't wan't doesn't. Simple as this. deadline for submissions: end of January. So please think about it and keep your thoughts for our next meeting. Feel free to bring things you already have in mind/hand.


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