Friday, November 12, 2010

OuUnPo avatars and imposters

(Original Roger Tichborne and Tichborne claimant) 

As you know, the OuUnPo members who will be unable to come to Amsterdam in December are strongly invited to find and send their avatars to attend the meeting. 
The presence of your avatars will not only allow you to keep an eye on the meeting and to be present despite your physical absence, but we believe that it will also open new creative possibilities for OuUnPo. 
This is why maybe we actually call the avatars with the name of "imposters".  While an avatar will act like you and pretend to be you, an imposter won't care to be faithfull to your aspect and behaviour. 
"Imposter" is a word that Borges used to describe himself. As a writer, he often felt the impossibility of original creation and used to describe himself as an involontary plagiarist cought in an infinite maze of repetition and quotations.
In the "Universal History of Infamy" by Borges, published in 1935, there is a short story titled "Tom Castro, the implausible imposter". The story revolves around the eponymous character's success as an impostor by virtue of being entirely dissimilar from the person he's impersonating.
In his preface to the 1954 edition of the "Universal History of Infamy", Borges distanced himself somewhat from the book; he wrote that the stories are "the irresponsible sport of a shy sort of man who could not bring himself to write short stories, and so amused himself by changing and distorting (sometimes without aesthetic justification) the stories of other men" and that "under all the storm and lightning, there is nothing."
But perhaps we should praise the work of all the imposters who use creatively other's people works. Their work allows to make new links and relationships with the world and maybe to escape from the melancholic awarness that original creation DOES not exist.

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